Feeding Birds With Autumn-Fruiting Shrubs and Trees

Feeding Birds With Autumn-Fruiting Shrubs and Trees

Autumn-fruiting shrubs and trees provide important sources of energy for birds during fall migration, and the fruits of many autumn-fruiting trees and shrubs linger into winter or even early spring, providing one of the most important sources of food for the hardy birds that stay all winter. Though many bird watchers rely mainly on feeders to provide winter food, planting fruiting shrubs not only attracts a number of species that do not typically visit feeders, it also improves the birds’ protection from predators and harsh weather, among many other benefits.

Autumn-fruiting trees and shrubs that attract birds include:

Hard mast-producing trees and shrubs also provide important sources of food in autumn and winter, especially for game birds such as wild turkey. These include:

By planting a mix of summer and autumn-fruiting trees and shrubs, you can ensure a steady supply of food for birds all year. In addition to their fruits, the flowers of most fruiting shrubs attract insects, the most important source of food for nestlings and fledglings of almost all bird species.

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chefranden/156643901/