Improve Tree Health With Rubber Sidewalks

Improve Tree Health With Rubber Sidewalks

Rubber sidewalks are a promising new technology that offers many benefits for urban tree health and longevity.

One of the biggest threats to urban trees is being removed because their roots crack or ruin sidewalks. Rubber sidewalks, which are typically made from recycled rubber tires, solve this problem because they are installed in interlocking modules, which are easily lifted and replaced for maintenance or to move or re-grade the sidewalk to protect it from incursions by tree roots.

Rubber sidewalks are also less susceptible to being disturbed by tree roots in the first place because they are more flexible than concrete, so the sidewalk bends around the root instead of being broken by it.

Another benefit to tree health is improved water filtration. Rubber sidewalks are water-permeable, allowing water to pass through the sidewalk and soak into the soil underneath. This improves the health of nearby plants, including trees, and further reduces the likelihood of trees disrupting sidewalks, because they do not have to work so hard to get water. Permeable pavements also help prevent pollution of ground and surface water by stormwater runoff, and reduce the chances of slips and falls in snowy and icy conditions because they decrease ice buildup. As you might guess, slips and falls on rubber sidewalks are also less dangerous than similar falls on concrete sidewalks because rubber sidewalks are softer and more shock absorbent.

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