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Hello, and thanks for clicking the link on our Twitter profile! You’re probably wondering what @masttreenetwork is all about.

Our mission is to restore the bounty of North America’s native woodlands by encouraging individuals and organizations to plant mast-producing trees.

Mast” is the scientific term for stuff like fruits, nuts, and berries, so mast-producing trees not only offer all of the same great benefits as ordinary trees – benefits such as shade, beauty, timber, and carbon sequestration – they also produce food! If you’ve ever bitten into an apple or munched on a handful of walnuts, you’ve enjoyed mast. Mast is also a tremendously important source of food for many types of wildlife, including major game species such as whitetail deer and wild turkey and hundreds of beloved songbirds and other backyard wildlife species, and can even be used as livestock feed, especially for pigs and poultry.

You can learn more about our mission and philosophy on our About Us page, or learn more about mast-producing trees and why they’re so important by checking out our Mast Basics category.

We use our @masttreenetwork on Twitter to post about topics such as:

  • forest conservation and restoration
  • tree planting and care
  • edible landscaping
  • wildlife gardening
  • designing food plots
  • agroforestry
  • tree crops
  • forest management
  • sustainable agriculture
  • permaculture
  • native plants
  • fruit and nut recipes
  • and more!

Since Twitter’s search capabilities leave a little to be desired, we’ve also set up an archive of past tweets to help followers easily find information or resources we’ve posted.

We hope you’ll help spread the word about the important role mast-producing trees can play in building a bountiful and sustainable future by following us @masttreenetwork!

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